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Sweet Whiskers offers a full list of grooming services in salon setting, or nail services via house call. Read the differences below to know which one is best for you!

Services are limited to nail trims, nail caps, and behavior assessments. As a house call appointment our groomer would come direct to your door. This is ideal for cats that don't do well with traveling and or owners needing the convenience of a groomer simply coming in and taking care of those sharp nails.

Full services available. We share space with another local salon, and are located near the Ames Public Library. During the week (Mon-Thursday) it is a dog salon, and for the weekends and some weekday evenings it is transformed into a dedicated cat exclusive salon. We have all our specialized equipment for cat grooming located there and would be happy to offer you a tour if scheduled ahead. 
Here is the break down of our pricing and what types of grooming packages we offer. All grooming packages include the bath, blow dry, thorough brush through, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, nail trim and a sanitary trim (if desired). For a detailed break down of all services with descriptions please check out our "Cat Grooming Explained" series. 
Prices are always quoted as a ''start'' price, as there may be additional fee's for excessively greasy coats that require more product, aggression, and matting/knots or tangles that take us longer to work through or that may require additional services such as shaving.  

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What education and or certifications does this groomer have? or are pursing currently?
While grooming isn't necessarily a regulated field requiring a degree to get into... it is a field that allows you to see a wide variety of talents and skills. Since there are no licensing requirements it is imperative that owners take it in their own hands to research who they are trusting their kitty with! 

Some important things to check out/ask your groomer:

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