Full coat grooms:

We are a full service grooming salon.
And yes, we bathe cats! 
  • Basic "full coat" groom includes:
    • Bath
    • Blow dry (towel dry w/massage for hairless cats)
    • Thorough comb through
    • Nail trim
    • Ears and eyes cleaned
  • Shaves & Styles  
    • Lion cut (classic and variations)
    • Bolero Jacket trims
    • Dragon / Dinosaur cuts 
  • HAIR CUTS- not just shaving. 
    • Typically this is based on actual hair texture and ranges from 1/4" up to 3/4" in length.
    • Shorter---- but NOT shaved! 
    • (if matting is present, this may not be an option)
  • De-shedding package!!
    • We take a wide variety of combs, rubber curries, brushes and even a special de-shedding comb that has suction to it that all help pull out that extra under coat. This is where we see the amazing benefits for hair ball kitty's or family's that struggle with the volume of shedding hair! ​
  • Nail trims  & Soft Paws
    • We do application of Soft Paws
    • We also do sizing & education appointments  






Short Hair

Long Hair

We require only what the state requires for vaccination records. Rabies and feline distemper. These must be current and either pre-loaded into our portal system or brought in at the time of your appointment. 

Grooming Prices:

Lion Cut $75

Includes: Shaving into a lion style clip, nail trim, ear cleaning, facial, bath, hand blow dry & comb out. 


*there is still an additional matting surcharge if kitty is excessively matted/pelted. 

Comb cut $80

Includes: cutting hair (NOT shaving) to a specific length, mini sanitary clip if desired, nail trim, ear cleaning, facial, bath, hand blow dry & comb out. 

De- Shed pacakge (add on only) $10

Utilizing our specialized equipment we can offer an additional de-shedding for cats who are freshly bathed/blow dried. This is not available as a stand alone service. 

Soft Paws!!! $12-25

  • $25 for all 4 paws           

  • $15 for the front 2 paws

  • $12 for the back 2 paws

  • Multiple colors to choose from!

* Includes nail trimming 

Nail trim only $13

Nail trims

Matting and Pelting Removal

This service is coupled with a grooming session. We can remove as safely as possible. A vast majority of the time we can get through matting/pelting on a cat with no problems.


*On occasion if the mats or way to close to the skin or the aggression level of the cat dictates we will refer out to a vet for sedation. A follow up groom with us as a bath/blow to prevent matting in the future. 

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Full Coat Groom on a short haired cat with a thorough de-greasing bath.

Shaves & Styles: