Holiday booking!

We are booking up for the holidays, please keep this in mind and request your cat's stay-cation as soon as possible. 

Suite Whiskers 

Suite Whiskers is a Feline Exclusive Grooming and Boarding facility in Ames, Iowa.


Meet the groomer! 

Jasmine is a groomer who specializes specifically in cats. Her training is through the National Cat Groomers Institute.  Where she is not only a member but working towards her certification as a Certified Master Feline Groomer. She is certified in both cat and dog CPR and first aid, and has taken several safety courses as well as over 40 hours in cat specific handling techniques courses. She enjoys further research and learning in her field, and  loves opportunities to travel to conferences or cat shows for continued education. 


She enjoys her work here at this cat exclusive facility but also does dog grooming at another facility in town as well. She doesn't have any pets of her own, but don't let that fool you. She routinely has multiple fosters at a time. And works  with local rescues to foster and house young mother cats and their litters in the cattery they've built in their home until they are old enough to be adopted. Check out the fosters and sponsors page for some of these adorable guests. [link]