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Be the cat owner who never has to worry about how their cat looks and smells.

We groom cats. Let us do the dirty work. 

Resolve your cat issues!

No more matting, dirty bums  or other unsavory dingleberries. 

Enjoy your cleaner cat!

Fresh and clean snuggle buddy to hang out with.


Enjoy your cleaner home!

No more cat hair all over your couch or hair balls in the middle of the floor! 

Cat owners shouldn’t have to stress over their cat.

Stop feeling defeated. You don’t have to live with a messy cat.

Find relief in grooming care that works.


No more matting!

Let us take care of the tangles and knots so you don't have to!


No more dandruff!

No more super noticeable flaky coat running around your house!


No more dirty bums!

No more sour bottom smell, or ''dingle-berries'' hanging around!

We understand how defeating it can be to try to solve your cat’s grooming problems.
That's why we are here for you
  • Iowa’s 3rd Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG)
  • First Aid Certified staff
  • Option of house call or salon
  • Hundreds of Happy Clients
  • We come Vet Recommended


Here's what to do:


Using our secure online portal


Wait for your confirmation text to arrive! 

...then just sit back and relax!


We'll do the work... you just enjoy your clean kitty!

We've done all the hard work for you!

So stop feeling ashamed about how your cat looks and instead be free to enjoy a clean kitty and a cleaner home! 

Still not really sure how professional cat grooming works?

Nervous about what that looks like in your home?

That's ok! Download our free PDF "What to expect from a Sweet Whiskers grooming experience and learn more today!
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Not really down to have a groomer come into your home?

That's ok! We have  a second option for grooming services. We have been graciously hosted in another local salon and while the days are limited it's perfect to get us back on our feet again! 
Please note these time slots are limited and book in advance. 
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