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Pre-Loved & Sponsored cats:

This page is dedicated to cats we have taken the time to meet in local shelters and/or have come to stay with us and have exhibited lovely personalities and are what we call ''suite whiskers sponsored" guests... although they might not be with us here at our facility we consider them extended family and hope show casing them helps them find their forever homes!


In an effort to help these cats find their forever homes we are offering any cat shown here a 50% off total package price for their first groom OR a set of soft paw applications done free of charge. Whichever is most helpful to the new pet parent (please don't hesitate to ask us if your unsure of which will be most beneficial for that particular cat). 



Cheerio is one cool cat! All this guy wanted was to play with us when we came for a visit to find a new sponsored kitty! So he's the lucky winner! Check out this video of him giving high fives through the bars! I just went 11/15/2018 to check to see if he's still available and they said yes he is. Apparantly he is a very playful guy and would just love to go home with someone who will interact with him! 



Fallon was sweet and shy at first but then came and sniffed and greeted us. She has a very endearing face! This is a beautiful ''blue'' cat. A mix or purebred of one of the blue coated breeds. Most likely a Russian blue or Korat. Check out this video of her finally warming up to us and giving me a sniff! 

Salon (6).png
What education and or certifications does this groomer have? or are pursing currently?
While grooming isn't necessarily a regulated field requiring a degree to get into... it is a field that allows you to see a wide variety of talents and skills. Since there are no licensing requirements it is imperative that owners take it in their own hands to research who they are trusting their kitty with! 

Some important things to check out/ask your groomer:

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