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National Black Cat ART contest! 

***This contest has officially ended for 2018. As there were no entrances this year the prizes will be rolled over to a new contest and offered then. ***

Suite Whiskers Black Cat Art Contest

  1. Age Requirements:  Children’s contest is for ages 4-15. Adults contest is for 16 and older.


  1. Submission deadline: All art must be submitted no later than 5pm (CST) on October 26th, 2018. Winners will be announced via Facebook/Instagram on October 27th and the winner will be reached out to via phone or email. Each winner will be responsible for coordinating the pick-up of their prize with-in one week of the winning announcement.


  1. Format: All artwork must be submitted with your name, phone number, email address, and title of art piece submitted. All two dimensional art projects must be no larger than 12” by 12”. All art work that is 3-Dimensional must be no larger than one foot cube. You may submit any 2D projects via mailed post, scan/email, or dropping them off in person. For 3D projects or any projects needing drop off in person please call to make sure we will be on location at the time your needing.  


-In person delivery- please call to schedule: (515) 337-1599

-Email submissions can be sent to

-Post mail sent to: Suite Whiskers 1201 Airport Rd Suite 5 Ames Ia 50010


  1. All artwork must be original. You must be the creator of the art and/or image file (or guardian of a minor submitting on behalf of an original artist under age). Original concept’s only, if copyright infringement is suspected you will be disqualified.


  1. Repeat entries: There is no restriction to entering artwork that has been previously entered into other contests. However, only one piece per person is allowed per contest. Multiple entries per household are allowed, but must be individual artist per entry.


  1. Entrance Fee’s: This is a free contest open all participants that are older than 4 years old.


  1. Non-Exclusive Permissions: By entering this “Suite Whiskers Black Cat Art competition” you are granting us a non-exclusive perpetual license to reproduce images of your artwork on our social media outlets, with in our ad campaigns, or for the general public on display.


Judging Criteria:

  1. Does the submitted artwork fit the theme of the competition?

  2. Is there a creative interpretation of the subject/theme?

  3. Is the originality of the work interesting?

  4. Is there overall quality and command of the medium being used?

  5. Does the work impact the viewer in relationship to the theme?

  6. Does the work stand on its own as a complete and outstanding creative image?

  7. The composition and design of the work is also a judging criteria

  8. Note: the quality of any digital images submitted will play a role in the judging process. It is best if the images submitted are no smaller than 600px.

Salon (6).png
What education and or certifications does this groomer have? or are pursing currently?
While grooming isn't necessarily a regulated field requiring a degree to get into... it is a field that allows you to see a wide variety of talents and skills. Since there are no licensing requirements it is imperative that owners take it in their own hands to research who they are trusting their kitty with! 

Some important things to check out/ask your groomer:

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