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There aren't a lot of people you can trust with your cat. 

At Suite Whiskers we are dedicated to providing a secure, well monitored environment tailored purrrr-fectly for our feline friends.

Enjoy freedom!

Feel free to travel, to do that house renovation you want, have a pet free recovery post surgery. Whenever you need to to step away and be pet free....

enjoy that freedom! 

Have peace of mind

Cat's can be inquisitive and naughty...especially when mom or dad are away tending to other  matters. They might just be getting into something dangerous... eliminate the risk and the unknown.

Have a happy cat!

A bored kitty leads to destruction but a mentally and emotionally well supported cat will be relaxed and show their affectionate happy nature. Plus...who wouldn't want catnip parties?!

No one should feel guilty about leaving their cat behind when life happens and you need to step away.

Stop feeling anxious, worried or guilty. You don’t have to live with the unknown of leaving a cat behind.

Find freedom and peace of mind knowing they are safely cared for. 


Let them relax!

play time image.jpg

Let them have fun!


Let them be goofy!

We understand it's hard to trust other's with your cat's
That's why we are here for you
  • IBPSA certified facility                                  
  • Secure and well monitored 
  • We are cat exclusive facility
  • Low stress & calm environment 
  • First Aid Certified staff
  • Hundreds of Happy Clients
  • We come Vet Recommended


Here's what to do:


Using our secure online portal, this is where you can give us any details! 

Book kitty's


We'll get kitty all snuggled into their very own suite and let them explore a bit.

Drop Kitty off!


Now you can have peace of mind to go anywhere or do anything... knowing your cat is in good hands while you step away.

Do your thing- 
worry free!
So stop feeling worried or stressed instead be free to go do whatever it is that you want or need to do! 

Call or email us to schedule a tour of our facility so you can check it out too! 

Salon (6).png
What education and or certifications does this groomer have? or are pursing currently?
While grooming isn't necessarily a regulated field requiring a degree to get into... it is a field that allows you to see a wide variety of talents and skills. Since there are no licensing requirements it is imperative that owners take it in their own hands to research who they are trusting their kitty with! 

Some important things to check out/ask your groomer:

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