Current Fosters:

The "Full house" crew


This crew of adorableness is currently 5 weeks old in these photo's, however they are all 11 weeks now and ready for adoption! They are available through the Ames Animal Shelter or you can directly contact me and I can get the process started as well. Each have dynamic and unique personalities. Since they are fostered with a professional cat groomer each one of them will have early introduction to nail trimmings, ear cleanings, bathing, blow drying, and eye cleanings. A great foundation for success as a well maintained kitty! 

Mama Becky:

Mama Becky loves to be pet, have a few snuggles and then go explore! She plays with feather wands, lasers, and enjoys eating and treats. She even does a few treat based games including searching out a treat from under a set of hidden cups. She is inquisitive and endearing. Loves to be in the action of the family, and is kid tested. She has a lovely disposition and is 100% litter box trained. She is a young mother, no more than a year or two old herself. She is currently back at the Ames Animal Shelter and is ready for adoption!


Adorable, cuddly, and loves to perch on your shoulder when given the chance. This snuggly dude is by far the biggest cuddler of the bunch and likes his people attention. He has grown very affectionate with Michelle, and they often snuggle together in the hanging basket. 


She is the only female of this litter (aside from mom) and rightly so has some spunk and fiest to go with that title. She can play rough and tough with the boys though, so don't let that beautiful coat and innocent face trick you! She loves to play hard with toys, then crash hard, and is often found snuggling with Michelle in the hanging basket when she finally does crash.


By far the most spunky, playful, energetic little ball of fur in this litter! He's big into toys, feather wands, crinkle balls, loves to sprint across the floor, and hop sideways. He definitely has a ''spring to his step'' and I think he's on the hunt for games any moment he can stay awake. This boy is a very interactive kitten and would be great to be adopted with any one of his siblings. He is best buds with Michelle and Danny at this point, but taunts them all for games and play time!


Danny is the shyest of the kittens with humans, but adores other kitten socialization!  He is a bit slow to warming up to new surroundings. He thrives in the company of other felines and would be best in a multi-cat home and not as a solo kitten. He is curious and intrigued by things but likes to watch them from a distance first to make sure they are safe. Loves to hide in hidey huts and wrestle with Jesse!

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*For any questions feel free to email: we will keep this email open for a while longer while we are closing business contracts.