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Litter options we keep in house are: 

Litter options we keep in house are: 

See additional notes on our litter policy below

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We only need you to bring your own litter if your cat is extremely picky on litter and will not use one of our house provided litters. Please consider their current type of litter you use at home when making this decision. Please provide enough for your entire stay. *If you provide a specific litter and we don't have sufficient amounts for your entire stay we will also go out and purchase if necessary but that cost is forwarded to your final bill plus a $5 shopping fee. 

*additional note if your cat uses Tidy Cats Breeze pellets we ask that your provide this since the ''wood pellets'' we use here are NOT a suitable substitute unless your cat has used these before with no issues. They operate very differently and some cats have an issue with this transition.

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